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Collector's Cafe
Collector's Cafe

As a third generation native of the lowcountry, I enjoy exploring a land that represents our past, present and future. My goal is to show expressions of this sacred land by blending color with culture on canvas. The viewer must look beyond the modern era to view and relive lifestyles and culture of a simpler time.

First inhabited by American Indians, living off the land, the wetlands were the much-traveled land of trading. Later, cultivation of rice fields introduced the plantation class society to the world. Despite changing times and cultures, the wetlands have survived; today the struggle between development and conservation continues this cycle. My paintings are an attempt to preserve the history, romance and adventurous soul of South Carolina's beloved wetlands. My travel experiences are forever leading me to explore other cultures as well. The light traveling across my canvas' and their colors guide the viewers and their imaginations to these distant locations...for me, this is an artist's greatest achievement. It is my duty not to forget my dreams.

Open Monday thru Saturday from 11:30am until Midnight
Lunch: Monday to Friday at 11:30am until 2:30pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday 5:30pm until 10-10:30pm
Please inquire about our private dining rooms.

Collector's Cafe

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